Hair Dryer Ghibli Evo Hub

Utmost Safety

The essence of the hair dryer GHIBLI EVO HUB is based on the utmost safety of its users, whether it be a public user, such as a hotel, or a private user, such as a family.


With the high self-extinguishing capacity of the plastic used to create the Ghibli Evo Hub blow dryer, in the case of a fire caused by factors unrelated to the product

High Performances

The GHIBLI EVO HUB has 1800 Watts of power, in response to the current demands for drying speed and results.


The Blow Dryer GHIBLI EVO HUB is particularly attentive of the surrounding environment.
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The blow dryer of the future

Our team of engineers and designers had the ingenuity and courage to offer something unique, a product that represents a new benchmark for design, safety, innovation, versatility, quality and solutions that are of the utmost importance in the hotel hair dryer industry.

Italian Design

Hair dryer Italian style ghibli evo hub

Registered Design


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About Us

The Ghibli Evo blow dryer project is the result of the desire of Hospistyle, a commercial company present in the hotel supplies sector since 2009, to satisfy the requirements identified through continuous consultation with Italian and international clients for elegant, modern and ergonomic hotel hair dryers.

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