Hair Dryer Ghibli Evo Hub

Utmost Safety

The DNA of the hair dryer GHIBLI EVO HUB is based on maximum safety as it is equipped with four switches. Two of them are configured with an ON / OFF system and the other two with a pressure system. It follows that this hairdryer is perfectly suitable for both hotels and domestic environments.
versatile hairdryer


Ghibli Evo Hub: not just an hair dryer. The hairdryer is equipped with a double LED illuminated USB port and a universal shaver socket and both are activated when you press the bright blue ON / OFF main button located on the front of the wall support. Pressing this ON / OFF button activates the hairdryer completely, including the USB ports and the European and American universal shaver socket, obviously giving power to the gun.

High Performances

The Ghibli Evo Hub Blow Dryer delivers a power of 2000 Watts, fully satisfying the current needs of the public both in terms of speed and drying result.


Our technicians, despite being in the presence of considerable power of the blow dryer, working on the inside of the hairdryer and especially on the design of the fan, have achieved a very low noise level, i.e. around 67 db and this sound effect is reduced to a minimum even for the tone as it remains very muffled thanks to the excellent soundproofing of the engine.


The blow dryer of the future

The GHIBLI EVO HUB hairdryer is equipped with a double universal USB port illuminated with a blue LED, located under the front window of the support. These USB inputs are therefore suitable for housing USB plugs of battery-powered electric razors, rather than other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets from any manufacturer on the market. In addition, a universal shaver socket (European and American) equipped with an overload safety transformer is also available in the same location. It follows that this hairdryer, also considering the fact that it is equipped with four safety switches, is proposed on the market in a very complete way, as well as with a captivating all-Italian design.

Italian Design

Hair dryer Italian style ghibli evo hub

Registered Design


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About Us

The Ghibli Evo blow dryer project is the result of the desire of Hospistyle, a commercial company present in the hotel supplies sector since 2009, to satisfy the requirements identified through continuous consultation with Italian and international clients for elegant, modern and ergonomic hotel hair dryers.

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