Hotel supplies since 1975


Elite Hotel supplies since 1975

Hospistyle, specialized in hotel supplies , has its roots in the experience of one of its founding members .

Although Hospistyle Hospistyle began its journey only in 2009 , the DNA of this reality dates back to 1975, a time in which the famous ELITE company from Milan began its journey full of national and international successes with the creation of maximum safety wall-mounted hair dryers equipped with flexible hose.


ELITE ALISEO 1975 maximum safety hairdryers manufacturer for hotels
The first ELITE hairdryer, called Aliseo, created in 1975, was the precursor of any wall-mounted hair dryer existing on the market today, which attempted, very often badly, to replicate its success, even by means of copies of Asian origin: we are hair dryer manufacturer for hotels!


Hotel supplies safety hairdryers since 1975

Therefore, thanks to this technical and stylistic background, Hospistyle continues its journey creating hair dryers for hotel use with notable aesthetic appeal and considerable technological content in the name of quality, reliability and longevity.



ghiblievo wall-mounted hairdryers manufacturer for hotels

Precisely by virtue of Hospistyle’s main mission, namely the creation of high quality hair dryers with notable aesthetic appeal, the Ghibli Evo website was born, expressly dedicated to the Ghibli Evo Hub product, innovative in design and technical content with the completeness expected from a product dedicated to the hotel and naval sectors but also ideal for families.

Ghibli Evo Hub is the progenitor of a continuously evolving range of products which is implemented year after year following market trends and targeting customers who appreciate quality, design, safety, reliability and longevity.

The design of new hairdryers continues to bring innovation to the market and alternates with the proposals of other products from prestigious European brands. Check our hotel hair dryers, we are hair dryer manufacturer for hotels.

Bathroom accessories for hotels by Geesa

Hospistyle is therefore also configured as an exclusive distributor of brands of great international resonance such as the Dutch Coram Group which with three brands offers many and heterogeneous collections of bathroom accessories dedicated to the professional segment, such as Geesa , Tiger and Sealskin.

The Geesa brand is specifically aimed at the hotel and naval sectors both in terms of design and technical construction content suitable for intense use, thanks also to the processing procedures on the finishes which are guaranteed for 15 years against oxidation and corrosion.

Proof of this is the countless references in the international naval sector.

To complete the choice for the bathroom, Hospistyle offers a complete range of LED mirrors in different geometries and sizes from the Spanish representative SPEHO, but also of a wide range of cosmetic mirrors in many finishes and geometries, with or without lighting, wall-mounted or free-standing.

Still remaining in the mirror sector, Hospistyle has also included in the range a collection of smart mirrors equipped with artificial intelligence, an ideal innovation for modern and sophisticated environments.

In the area of rooms, Hospistyle proudly displays two brands of notable appeal, both for technical content and design, such as the two Dutch brands B-Tray & Bentley which have been producing accessories with refined taste and undisputed quality/reliability for many years.

Hospistyle therefore does nothing but continue its professional journey as a legacy of the historic ELITE company of Milan which has disseminated quality and design in the name of Made in Italy for over forty years in Italy and abroad.


Hospistyle: a professional reality born from an ancient and entirely Italian history.


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