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Hotel Hair Dryer : GHIBLI EVO HUB the powerful hairdryer


FUNCTION: The Hotel Hair Dryer GHIBLI EVO HUB offers four levels of active safety with an automatic switch-off system. The first of these is the general ON/OFF switch located on the wall-mounted support, which is also illuminated with a blue LED light(low voltage) that serves as a courtesy/night-light. This main ON/OFF switch supplies power to the entire apparatus, and obviously to the hairdryer unit itself held in the housing on the wall-mounted support. The second level of active safety is guaranteed by the presence of another pressure switch located on the hairdryer handle. Pressing or releasing the switch activates or interrupts the supply of hot air. In addition, our technicians have also set another safety switch in the hairdryer housing on the wall-mounted support, in such a way that if the pressure switch should in any way malfunction, this third switch would interrupt the hot air supply when the hairdryer unit is placed in the housing on the wall-mounted support.Lastly, the hairdryer is also equipped with an ON/OFF safety switch that totally shuts down the air and heat supply.

powerful hairdryer for hotel and domestic use

AIR FLOW AND HEAT ADJUSTMENT: The GHIBLI EVO HUB is equipped with triple selection of air flow and temperature via a slide switch located on the hairdryer handle. These three options are suitable for any type of drying, offering excellent results and minimum noise levels.

SILENCE: The powerful hairdryer GHIBLI EVO HUB is particularly attentive of the surrounding environment. Despite dealing with a significant level of power produced by
the apparatus, our technicians have managed to achieve a contained noise level of approximately 67 db. This result has been obtained through the high performance of the motor and fan of the powerful hairdryer, as well as the positivesoundproofing capacity of the plastic material in reducing vibrations and the noise created by the moving mechanical parts.

silent Hotel Hair Dryer

PERFORMANCE: The Hotel Hair Dryer GHIBLI EVO HUB has 2000 Watts of power, in response to the current demands for drying speed and results. This power is evenly distributed to the hairdryer which is light and practical to use, providing the overall apparatus with all the intrinsic qualities necessary to be perfectly suitable for use both in accommodation structures such as hotels and resorts of all kinds and levels, as well as in private locations, such as a family home. The motor and fan have been designed for long-term intensive use.

CLEVER OPTIONS:: The GHIBLI EVO HUB is fitted with a dual USB socket behindthe window on the front of the support. These USB ports are therefore ideal for USB connections for battery-operated electric razors as well as mobile devices such as all brands of smartphones and tablets. This offers an innovative and useful “extra” which is very commonly used nowadays. The powerful hairdryer dual USB socket is powered by a low-voltage safety transformer.When the main ON/OFF button on the wall-mounted support is turned on, these USB ports are illuminated with a blue LED light to indicate that they are active.
coloured Hotel Hair Dryer italian design

COLOUR EFFECTS: The Performance Hairdryer GHIBLI EVO HUB is available in extremely elegant and trendy colours. Our technicians have drawn inspiration from the automotive sector and have created colours with a bright/metallic effect and with various motives on the plastic surface, tastefully alternating matte and glossy areas. The matte effects are
produced for varying levels of visual and tactile effect. The study of colours and chromatic effects provides the product with a significant touch of elegance thanks to this considerable level of attention to every single aesthetic detail.

easy installation Hotel Hair Dryer

EASY TO INSTALL: The powerful hairdryer GHIBLI EVO HUB is easily connected to the power supply and fitted to the wall. The device can be positioned without being dismantled and
the elegant packaging also contains a mounting template and instructions for installation, use and maintenance. The QR-Code is also printed on the box.

italian design powerful hairdryer

MADE IN ITALY DESIGN: The Hotel Hair Dryer GHIBLI EVO HUB is the result of attentive and detailed studies into the creation of the design, carried out over the years by the Italian company Hospistyle. The concept of the material expressed in all its forms and surfaces is purely Italian in origin and is registered through various design patents in a number of countries and continents. The creation of the design for the Ghibli Evo Hub allowed for the creation of a productwhich deserves to be considered not only a simple hairdryer, but rather a true key element of the bathroom environment, be it in accommodation structures or in private locations. Since the very beginning of the project, ouraim has been to obtain a product which offers a strong emotive impact as well as a combination of significant and wide-ranging technical performance and practical ergonomics.The expression of design achieved with this product offers users an innovative element of elegance obtained through the soft, organic and entirely natural lines which are never obvious or common, but rather inspired by elements from the natural environment, such as air or water. In other words gentle and sinuous lines and surfaces which – through their essential nature – seem to have had an active role in the creation of this product, as though they forged every line, every contour and every surface with the same care with which elements are sculpted over the millennia of our planet’s history. What emerges istherefore a fundamental element of the design: the very soul of those who have conceived, designed and produced it, a tangible expression of the passion for beauty in its most intimate essence. A pleasant sensation which goes beyond the technical aspects of a product such as a hairdryer, which is generally unlikely to inspire such vivid and instinctive emotions. The Ghibli Evo Hub therefore aims to escape the common and obsolete technical field and, thanks to its strong emotive aspect, seeks to become a true element of design and even of fashion. The Ghibli Evo Hub, with its forms and colours as well as with the technology which lies within the product itself, expresses a positive and harmonious combination of technology and beauty.

The Ghibli Evo Hub, a wall mounted hair dryer inspired by the beauty of nature.