Distributor of Coram Group in Italy

Distributor of Coram Group in Italy

We are Distributor of Coram Group in Italy: Coram Group is a family company with a solid financial foundation, which concentrates on the long term.

By combining a sincere, personal approach and a passion for design with expertise and entrepreneurship, we have developed into an organisation which adds value to the well-being of our end-users, our individual brands and companies, and our partners and suppliers.

The origins of Coram go back to 1950, when Harrie van Kempen and Henri Nijhuis in Eindhoven – currently the design capital of the Netherlands – founded the company Tijger Plastics. Thanks to innovative products, special production processes and an eye for design, this company quickly became a household name in the Netherlands.

Coram Group has grown to become a broad-based organisation operating worldwide in sanitary fittings and plastics injection-moulding techniques.

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The structure of Coram Group

The Coram Group activities, which focus on products for the bathroom and showering, are organized in five business units, which offer the products of the different brands in each region, in short “one face to the customer”. The Business units are facilitated by four functional units, in which knowledge is bundled for the group and as much synergy as possible is created.

Brands of Coram Group

At Coram we strive to give you a good feeling about your daily routines in the most personal space of your home. We design, create and sell bathroom accessories and shower rooms, with the highest standards in aesthetics, functionality and ease of use.

We are Distributor of Coram Group in Italy, Coram is the market leader in the Benelux with the Tiger and Sealskin brands. Our market position in the rest of Europe is growing partly due to the strong growth in E-commerce. Accessories are often purchased online. We will further strengthen our position in the Benelux and expand it in the rest of Europe by translating “consumer insights” into innovative products that meet the needs of consumers, by closely following interior trends and continuing to build on our brands.

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