Luggage racks

luggage rack for hotel

A luggage rack or bag holders is an indispensable product for hotel rooms. Hotel guests can store their suitcase on the bag holder. Hospistyle offers luggage racks of various sizes, colors, materials and finishes.  A wooden bag holders with a leather strap or a stainless steel luggage holder with a nylon strap? Everything is possible! Of course it is also possible to design a special case holder on request. All products are made with high quality materials and have luxurious designs. The luggage racks for rooms will offer your guests a pleasant stay in your hotel. Discover our selection of products for hotel rooms.

Our bag holders are lightweight but very stable. By using wood or steel, the construction is super strong. Our products are extensively tested and can carry heavy suitcases or trolleys with ease. The luggage rack straps are made of nylon of 2mm thick OR of very strong quality leather. Indestructible, strong, and also very nice to look at.

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