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Wall Mounted Hotel Hair Dryers

hairdryer wall mountedHAIRDRYER GHIBLI EVO HUB

Ghibli Evo Hub: an elegant, ergonomic and modern hairdryer. Designed in Italy for a product dedicated to families and hotels: gentle and organic lines for an image with a highly emotive impact.
An elite design ideal for insertion into environments with a strong aesthetic character available in four bright and metallic colours.
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Wall Mounted Hairdryer Technical Features

Hotel HairDryer details: 

  • 220/240 Voltage power supply 1800 Watts power output
  • Three air flow and temperature selections
  • Max speed air flow : 8.36 m3/s
  • Max air flow : 108 m3/h
  • Noise : approximately 67 db
  • Double insulation of wall mounted hair dryer
  • Protection degree : IP20
  • V-Zero/5V class self-extinguishing plastic (General Electric).
  • Combination of glossy and matte surfaces on the wall-mounted support.
  • Chrome finishing on the hairdryer unit and surrounding the main ON/OFF switch on the wall-mounted support.
  • Transparent diffuser/nozzle.
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PERFORMANCE: The Hotel Hair Dryer GHIBLI EVO HUB has 1800 Watts of power, in response to the current demands for drying speed and results. This power is evenly distributed to the hairdryer which is light and practical to use, providing the overall apparatus with all the intrinsic qualities necessary to be perfectly suitable for use both in accommodation structures such as hotels and resorts of all kinds and levels, as well as in private locations, such as a family home. The motor and fan have been designed for long-term intensive use.

COLOUR EFFECTS: The Performance Hairdryer GHIBLI EVO HUB is available in four extremely elegant and trendy colours. Our technicians have drawn inspiration from the automotive sector and have created four colours with a bright/metallic effect and with various motives on the plastic surface, tastefully alternating matte and glossy areas. The matte effects are
produced for varying levels of visual and tactile effect. 

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