TESS smart bathroom accessories for hotel

TESS smart bathroom accessories for hotel collection by Tiger

TESS collection, smart bathroom accessories for hotel, is innovative and contemporary design, with the familiar Tiger quality. This range was designed at our Design Lab and has been honoured with Good Industrial Design (GIO) award. The additional features and smart solutions make this range stand out. This series includes a wide range of accessories and is available in different colour combinaties: black/anthracite, white/light grey and blue/black.

TESS smart bathroom accessories

TESS smart bathroom accessories for hotel collection by Tiger

The importance of simplicity in Tess’ designs is clear from our toilet roll holder. This uncomplicated design is an example of perfect harmony between function and design. The toilet roll holder with shelf adds an extra element and gives you a handy spot to place your smartphone when using the toilet.

The Tess range’s wall hooks are fun and minimalistic, making them a perfect place to hang your towel or dressing gown.

When we were designing our Tiger Tess range, easy installation was a key part of the process. Our wall items are self-adhesive, meaning they can be stuck to the wall. You can also fit them using screws and plugs. The choice is up to you!

Tess collection smart accessories for hotel

Tess smart toilet accessories for hotel

Smart Toilet accessories for hotel

We know how useful it is to store things properly, out of sight. This storage box from Tiger Tess will help you out with this. Thanks to its organic, flowing shapes, it’s at home in any interior design. The Tess storage box can be conveniently sealed with the accompanying lid, meaning your supplies of soap, guest towels or personal hygiene products are stored nicely out of sight, but still within easy reach.

This spare toilet roll holder from Tiger Tess is also very functional. The soft, rounded shapes give it a welcoming, fresh look. The Tess spare toilet roll holder also has a lid, meaning your toilet rolls are hidden away and your toilet itself exudes peace and tranquillity.

Tess: toilet accessories for hotel

Tess toilet accessories for hotel fresh collection

A fresh, modern feeling in the toilet or bathroom thanks to the toilet brush holders from Tiger Tess. Choose a freestanding version, one that can be fixed to the wall and placed on the floor, or a holder with a storage compartment. The latter is designed to add even more convenience to your bathroom or toilet. Want to clean the toilet swiftly? No problem: this toilet brush holder comes with a handy storage compartment for a bottle of toilet cleaner. After use, you simply pop it back into the compartment. Turn it round and it’s out of sight. Easy as that.

All the toilet brush holders from the Tess range are equipped with this new, flexible Swoop® toilet brush.


toilet brush smart bathroom accessories

Meet our smart Swoop® toilet brush: flexible, hygienic and sustainable. You can clean hard to reach areas easily using this innovative brush head, even under the rim. Thanks to the shape and the special material in this brush, it leaves no dirt behind and hardly drips at all once you put it back in the holder. An innovative and refreshing design which makes all the difference.

Tess product list

  • Toilet roll holder without cover
  • Toilet roll holder with shelf
  • Towel hooks
  • Spare toilet roll holder with lid freestanding
  • Storage box with lid
  • Toilet brush holder freestanding with Swoop® brush flexible
  • Toilet brush holder with Swoop® brush flexible
  • Toilet brush holder with storage capacity freestanding and Swoop® brush flexible
  • Swoop® Toilet brush flexible

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