Hotel capsule box

  • Hotel capsule box to store coffee capsules, spoons and sugar/milk sticks
  • Removable, double-side inlay for 4 or 6 classic Nespresso® capsules
  • Stylish and luxury design, square model
  • Compact size, only W165 x D165 x H60mm
  • Made of MDF with high-quality lacquer, matt black finish
  • Dust-free design with lid, easy maintenance
  • 4 furniture protection gliders
  • A 2-year warranty

Dimensions Hotel capsule box

Box closed: 165 x 165 x 60mm
Inlay for capsules: 145 x 95 x 29mm
Diameter holes: Ø38mm
Compartment 1 for spoons or sugar/milk sticks: 147 x 44 x 30mm
Compartment 2 for inlay (or other condiments): 147 x 97 x 30mm


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High quality MDF

This hotel capsule box is made of high-quality MDF and has been treated with several coats of staining, to prevent the absorption of dirt and moisture.

Removable double-side inlay

The STORE capsule box is equipped with a removable, double-side inlay for 4 or 6 classic Nespresso® capsules. It’s also possible to use the box without the inlay. The dimensions of the compartment without inlay are 147 x 97 x 30mm.

Enough storage space

The STORE is designed with several recesses to store different kinds of coffee ingredients (4/6 coffee capsules, sugar sticks, milk sticks, spoons). The compartments have rounded edges for easy cleaning!

Ultra compact

If you wish to offer coffee (and tea) facilities to your guests but there is limited space in your hotel rooms, our STORE box with ultra-compact dimensions is the ideal solution for your hotel.

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