Hospitality tray for coffee machine – SUPREME

  • Made of high-quality wood (black MDF)
  • Enough space for a coffee machine
  • Available with different types of hotel kettles
  • Anti-theft system for kettle power base
  • Compartments for tea bags, coffee capsules etc.
  • B-TRAY plants 1 tree for every 5 trays sold
  • 2 year warranty

This unique hospitality tray is available with an optional hotel kettle, coffee machine, coffee cups and A5 leaflet holder.

High quality & luxurious
The SUPREME is our most luxurious tray with a unique design. It’s made of high-quality wood and has been treated with several coats of staining, to prevent the absorption of dirt and moisture.

Enough storage space
The tray is designed with many recesses to store different kinds of coffee and tea ingredients (tea bags, sugar/milk sticks, coffee capsules, spoons). The recesses have rounded edges for easy cleaning!

Anti-theft lock
With the anti-theft lock, you can easily attach the cable of the kettle power base to the base of the tray.

Optional leaflet holder
The SUPREME has a small recess/slot to place a leaflet holder into the tray for displaying information about offers or TV channel listings.

Luxurious. Spacious. Unique.
To choose the luxury SUPREME welcome tray of MDF for your hotel rooms is a symbol of your passion for excellence and commitment to your guests. 

This unique coffee and tea tray provides enough space to place a coffee machine, kettle, leaflet holder, cups, and several condiments. 

The design is based on the more compact B-TRAY SIGNUM. Both trays have a luxurious appearance and have been treated with 3 coats of staining, to prevent absorption of dirt and moisture.


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Specifications Hospitality tray for coffee machine – Supreme

Material tray: MDF, black
Finishing: Ultra-strong lacquer to minimize scratches and stains
Size tray: W460 x D370 x H40mm
Height including kettle: 212/252mm
Space for coffee machine: max. W130 x D370mm
– For tea bags: W70 x D125 x H25mm (2x)
– For sugar/milk sticks: W150 x D40 x H25mm (1x)
– For coffee capsules: Ø 40mm – H5mm (6x)
– For kettle power base: Ø 145mm – H18mm
Bottom: 4 transparent furniture protection gliders
Anti-theft system for kettle power base
Material leaflet holder: High-quality acrylic
Size leaflet holder: A5 (210 x 148mm)

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