The Ghibli Evo project was launched by Hospistyle, a commercial company active in the hotel supply sector since 2009, in order to meet the demand observed through continuous experience with Italian and international clients for elegant, modern and ergonomic hairdryers that would enhance the setting in which they are used.

It was decided to consolidatethis work with a new wall-mounted hairdryer inspired by suggestions and requests from a large and varied selection of clients and careful observation of the needs of the public both in the hospitality/hotel and domestic sectors.

In order to achieve this objective, we began an important collaboration with a partner from one of the most longstanding Italian companies specialising in the production of hairdryers for hotel use, which has been making products that have enjoyed great success all over the world since 1975 and has been a market leader for several decades.

Thanks to this important contribution, it was possible to monitor every phase of development of the new Ghibli Evo Hub hairdryers, from the selection of components and materials to defining the design and finish of the product, combining a client-oriented approach with solid industry experience.

The result is an extremely reliable product with a wealth of stylistic and technical features that make it ideal both for families and hospitality structures as a way of finally offering something truly innovative in the bathroom setting.

This new product now paves the way for Hospistyle, which had previously operated commercially in Italy alone, to evolve and expand onto the international market.

The Ghibli Evo Hub wall-mounted hairdryer therefore offers a valid alternative with a significant emotional impact and concrete technical features to be used in hotels and by families on a global scale.