Pro-Excel Ionic professional hair dryer for hotel


This professional hair dryer for hotel has been specifically designed for intensive use, with an induction motor and a professional fan that both guarantee the highest levels of performance in terms of air speed and volume, as well as running temperature and durability. All this at particularly low levels of noise, rendering this device perfectly suitable for any form of accommodation, be it a hotel, self-catering, motel or cruise ship, as guests will be able to use it at any time of the day or night, just like at home.

The induction motor allows for significantly higher fan-rotation speeds that with normal brushed motors, and as the inner rotor in this model is frictionless, it also allows for notably higher levels of reliability and durability than the hairdryers commonly found in hotels. Furthermore, the professional “Pro-Excel” hairdryer is fitted with an ionic function, as well as a removable nozzle and diffuser and a removable rear grill that allows for the regular clearing away of dust or hair from the intake filter.

The device is fitted with a spiral power cord that allows an extension from the power socket of approximately 2.5 metres, meaning that the hairdryer can be used in the utmost comfort.

Pro-Excel Ionic offers a power of 1800 Watts (adjustable), and the combined effects of the induction motor and professional fan, designed to offer optimal results, dry hair quickly and evenly, leaving it full of volume and enveloping, while at the same time maintaining a suppressed level of noise that is neither invasive nor irritating.

The product is made from a special form of plastic (semi-crystalline nylon polymer) that is highly resistant to scratches and impact and has a particular metallised effect. This material has been chosen not only for its aesthetic characteristics but also for functional reasons, as it is highly flame retardant.

Pro-Excel Ionic is also fitted with a dual safety switch, comprised of a main ON/OFF switch and a second push & release switch, allowing it to be used with the utmost safety as it is impossible to leave the device running after use.

Lastly, this hairdryer is available with an optional, minimalist and elegant wall-mounted support for both the hand-held unit itself and for the power cord and European Schuko two-pole plug.

This wall-mounted support requires no screws or rawl plugs, as it can be simply glued to the bathroom wall, without the need to drill holes in tiles. The package for the wall-mounted support, supplied in an elegant matte black, contains one dose of special glue specifically for mounting.

The Pro-Excel Ionic professional hairdryer is compact and powerful, reliable and characterised by high performance, as well as elegant,silent and versatile, with a modern and minimalist design that will make You feel at home.




Professional hair dryer for hotel PRO-EXCEL IONIC

Technical features :

  • Feeding tension : 220/240 Volts – Frequency : 50/60 Hertz – Power : 1800 Watts
  • Ionic function
  • Professional AC induction motor with high performance fan
  • Professional switch double selection : two air speeds and three temperature settings
  • Main ON/OFF switch
  • Secondary safety push button ( Push & Release )
  • Removable back side cap for easy clearing
  • Safety thermostat placed on the heating element to avoid overheating
  • Accessory : small diffuser / concentrator in black matt color
  • Air volume at maximum speed : 70m3/h
  • Maximum air speed : 11m/s
  • Noise at the maximum power air speed : 70dB
  • Air temperature at the maximum power speed : 75℃
  • Plastic material : Polyamide PA66 nylon semi-crystalline polymer at high abrasion/strokes resistance
  • Metallic shape plastic material V-Zero degree flame retardant
  • Spiral electrical cable with maximum extension 2,5 meters and with two-pole European Schuko plug
  • Minimal design wall holders ( optional ) for installation at the wall ( Hang-Up Maxi & Hang-Up Mini ) with a glue-dose included in the package ( to avoid holes into the tiles ) .
  • CE certification
ionic professional hair dryer for hotel
PRO-EXCEL IONIC professional hair dryer for hotel

Technical sheets

PRO-EXCEL IONIC professional hair dryer for hotel

PRO-EXCEL IONIC – Technical sheets – English
PRO-EXCEL IONIC – Scheda Tecnica – Italiano
PRO-EXCEL IONIC – Technical sheets – Nederlands
PRO-EXCEL IONIC – Technical sheets – Español
PRO-EXCEL IONIC – Technical sheets – Deutsche
PRO-EXCEL IONIC – Technical sheets -Français

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