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Upgrade your rooms with our Courtesy tray for hotels

Our Courtesy tray for hotels B-Tray by Hospistyle offers an extensive range of luxury hotel supplies, specifically designed for premium 3, 4, and 5-star hotels. Our standard collection includes unique Dutch designed hotel room products with a luxury touch, such as hospitality trays, hotel kettles, coffee machines, luggage racks, ironing centres, bathroom scales and hair dryers. All of these Courtesy set for hotels are designed and manufactured with the highest possible care, which means you can expect top quality hotel products.

Besides our standard range, we are also experts at personalising hotel supplies with your logo or manufacture to your exact specification. To illustrate the wide range of (bespoke) possibilities, we refer to page Other hotel room accessories.

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Courtesy tray for hotels that make a difference.


A beautiful lobby. A clean room. Friendly staff. Your hotel is more than just a particular place to sleep; it’s also a location to meet, work, and relax. Even the smallest details contribute to the ultimate experience of your guests.

In hotel rooms, accessories are what make the difference, and at B-Tray by Hospistyle we believe that the standard of these products significantly affects a customer’s perception of their room and the hotel as a whole.

For that reason, B-Tray by Hospistyle offers a carefully selected mix of in-house designed and manufactured luxury accessories and high-quality products from leading global manufacturers and suppliers. We pride ourselves on consistent quality and eye for detail. Every aspect is worked out with the utmost precision for the perfect look.

Please take a look around our hotel supplies website, and get inspired!

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