Compact tea tray – SQUARE

Compact tea tray SQUARE | Black ABS
  • Budget-friendly tea tray for hotels
  • Heat-resistant ABS with a wood structure finish
  • Ultra-compact design, space saving
  • Stainless steel ‘drip tray’ for used tea bags
  • Available with different types of hotel kettles
  • Anti-theft system for water kettle power base
  • Easy to clean due to rounded edges
  • A 2-year warranty

This very compact tea tray is available with an optional kettle and cups.

Removable drip tray
The SQUARE tray is designed with a perforated ‘drip tray’ of stainless steel for used tea bags and spoons. The drip tray is removable, so easy to clean.

Enough storage space
This compact tea tray has enough storage space to store different kinds of condiments. The recesses have rounded edges for easy cleaning.

Anti-theft feature
With the anti-theft lock, you can easily fix the cable of the kettle power base to the base of the tray.

Heat-resistant ABS
The SQUARE is made of heat-resistant ABS (with a unique wood structure) plastic to offer excellent resistance against heat, water, stains, and scratches.

Space saving tea tray for hotel rooms

Elegant, durable and ultra compact. These are the highlights of the B-TRAY SQUARE hospitality tray. Many people assume this tea tray is made of solid wood, but it actually consists of high-quality ABS plastic with a unique wood structure finish. It offers excellent resistance against heat, water, stains and scratches. In addition, ABS is less expensive than solid wood.

Another unique feature is the removable (easy to clean) stainless steel ‘drip tray’ for used tea bags and spoons. It eliminates the need for saucers.


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Material tray: ABS plastic, black
Finishing: Heat-resistant ABS with wood structure
Size tray
W258 x D258 x H38mm
Height including kettle: 210/250mm
– For tea bags: W70 x D6 x H20mm (3x)
– For sugar/milk sticks: W140 x D60 x H20mm (1x)
– For kettle power base: Ø 145mm – H18mm
4 transparent furniture protection gliders
Anti-theft system for kettle power base
Cleaning instruction
Cleaning instructions kettles and trays

Technical sheets


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